Chinese Fan Plant

Chinese Fan Plant

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The Chinese fan palm tends to be easy to care for. It is adaptable and tolerant.

Outdoors, this palm tree grows in full sun to part shade. It prefers some shade when young. Indoors, bright, indirect light is best for keeping the Chinese fan palm happy. Rotate the pot every so often for even growth.

Potted plants should be grown in a well-draining organic planting mix in a container with good drainage.

Allow the soil to begin to dry before watering your fan palm. This houseplant is drought tolerant, but the soil shouldn’t be bone dry. Avoid over-watering this plant or allowing the roots to sit in water.

This plant likes nutrients and without plant food it can develop deficiencies. Feed outdoor plants twice yearly and indoor plants 3 to 4 times yearly with a balanced, slow release fertilizer.

Pruning isn’t necessary, but feel free to prune back dead/dying leaves. This will help encourage new growth.

Avoid putting your houseplant nearby any drafts when growing indoors.

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